Cookie Policy is committed to protecting and respecting your privacy.

The site uses some cookies when you move around on the sides. These cookies are used to ensure the site’s operation and also helps us to improve your experience when you use the site.

We do not use third-party tracking / ad cookies.

Use of Cookies
None of the information we collect via cookies to identify you as an individual – it is totally anonymous. Read detailed information about the cookies we use including:

Blog / post’s comment
Term: 1 year
If you are writing a comment for either a post or article on, there can be stored a cookie to ‘remember’ your email address for the next time you comment. This happens only if you have selected the ‘Remember me’ option.

Cookie header
Term: 1 year
At the bottom of each page on this site you will see a message telling about our anonymitets- & cookie policy. If you have seen this message once, you want enough not to see it again. We use a cookie to remember this setting. User data is completely anonymous.

Google Analytics
In order to see how people use our site and to find areas of the site with errors, we use Google Analytics. Most sites use some form of analysis program such as this. The data collected helps us to see things, such as where the missing people who visit our site, which country they come from, how many pages they visit, how fast the site loads and so videre.Alle the collected data are complete anonymous and does not identify you personally in any way.

Term: 1 year
WordPress is the Content Management System (CMS) which controls this site. This CMS uses a cookie when you log in and out, and this cookie is needed for the site working properly. The cookie will only be stored if you are a registered user, so for most people will be saved at all. User data is completely anonymous.

Effective: June 1, 2015